Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st and 2nd Ride Since Divna's Injury

Divna has finally healed up enough to go out on the trails. It is amazing how long it has taken this injury to heal. The wound is not completely closed, but it is way better than it was. The other amazing thing is that you can still see the marks on her neck from where the wire fence was around her. It has been over two months since the incident....

We started our ride by stopping to visit the neighbors horses. Here is Harley, Bubba, Ozzie, and the minature horse whose name I do not know....

We took the abandoned railroad line near our house. It has been about 2 months since we have ridden -- so we were concerned about how The Girls would behave, especially Zora. If she hasn't been out in a while, all she wants to do is run like the proverbial bat out of hell. Also, I did not want Divna running because she is still healing. But on this particular day we didn't think we would have to worry about it -- it was the perfect day to have the first ride in a long time...Because....

We have had a LOT of snow lately!!!

The snow was really deep, and it kept them slowed down. They went thru drifts up to their bellies. It absolutely took the wind out of their sails!

Here is John and Zora walking down the railroad line!

Ont he way back it started to get a bit dark on us, but with the moon and all that snow, we could easily see our way. Anyhow, I think The Girls have the trail memorized, and would find their way no matter what...

It was SO GREAT to be back in the saddle and on the trail. I really missed it..

We took a ride yesterday, too. The snow is about gone now because we have had some warm days. As a result, it was really muddy. I didn't get any pictures, but it was a great ride nonetheless.

I think The Girls were happy to finally be back out on the trail, away from the goofball Goat Boys, seeing some different scenery and getting a chance to stretch their legs.

I always say to John "These horses are the best money we ever spent!"

I stand by that.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Blizzard and a Set Back for Divna

On Sunday when I went out to feed the horses, goats and chickens, I noticed that Divna's wound had broken open!!! The vet had left 3 remaining sutures in on the last visit, and only 2 of them are still there. The rest of the injury was closed up, but not anymore -- it broke open. I can see there is healing underneath. It is not as deep as it was, but it opened back up. Very upsetting. the Vet's assistant called on Tuesday morning, and after that conversation I felt better.
She said that due to the location of the injury, it is not surprising that it opened back up. But it had healing deep down, so it could just continue to heal. She said keep it as clean as possible, and they would check back with us in another week. we would leave the last 2 remaining sutures for a while longer. It is going to take along time to heal. I feel so bad for her!
So we are doing our best to keep the wound clean, and watching for signs of recurring infection. I guess I won't be riding for at least a couple more weeks. I am just glad she is not in pain, and seems to be doing well.
Yesterday and today Northwest Indiana got hammered with a snowstorm. Everything was closed today, including the shop where I work. We spent the day digging out. We got together with the neighbors and paid a local guy to plow the lane that leads to the nearest road, and he made a pass over our driveway. We finished up shoveling the driveway by hand, and clearing our sidewalks, and path to the barn and bird feeders. We actually did that twice -- once last night and once again today. Great calorie burner!
Of course the horses are not bothered one bit by the snow. It is going to get pretty cold tonight so they are going to spend the night in the barn. It is still snowing, so we will just have to see if we can get out tomorrow....