Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Bareback and Saturday Road Ride


I haven't blogged lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been riding.
Our camera was stolen on a trip to New York city in early March, and I hate to blog without adding pictures. We went out there to see our Italian Exchange Daughter who was in NYC on business. Long story, so here are the bullet points -- I was sick, we almost missed our flight, luggage took a different flight, courier had to deliver luggage to our apartment, when we received the luggage a bunch of things were missing. But the joke is on the thief because the camera wasn't working properly anyway.
So we finally got a new camera, and here are some pictures from our most recent 2 rides.
Last weekend we were very short on time, so on Sunday we just stayed in our pasture and rode bareback.
Then yesterday, we put the Easy Boots on The Girls and took them out for a road ride on the backroads where we live.
It was such a neat ride. These are roads we frequently drive on, but from the horse everything is seen from a differentn perspective. You feel like you are someplace new.
A house nearby had these pretty flowers growing in their front yard.

We stopped for a rest by a field and let The Girls eat some grass.

All of the drivers we encountered were so considerate.....they would slow down and move over for us; some even stopped! They would pass us with a wave and a smile. That really made me feel good to see that my sweet Divna put a smile on so many peoples' faces.

Me, Divna, and Our Shadow!