Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Divna Update

The vet came back today to remove Divna's sutures and check out the healing process. He removed the sutures, but found that it was still a bit too open in one spot, so he had to put 3 back in. We also have to start back up with antibiotics. It is sort of like two steps forward and one step back. Here we are as I am about to administer the antibiotic (I load it into an empty bute dispenser).

H said she his healing nicely, though, so that is good news. No riding yet, and he comes back in another week to re-assess.

The saga continues.....

Here is the injury as it stands now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Divna Update

The vet was here today to assess Divna's healing. It is good news -- he said everything looks good, and it is coming along just fine. (Whew!!! Sigh Of Relief!!)

He took out the drainage tube, and irrigated the wound with sterile saline solution. He left some more solution with us so we can irrigate it over the next couple of days.

No riding for at least 10 more days.

I am really happy to have this positive progress report!

Thanks to everyone who has given me moral support through this situation. I got some nice comments on the previous post, and my Cowgirl Friends, Dolly and DeeDee came by last night to visit Divna. All of this really means a lot to me! Bless all of you......

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Problems for Divna

I feel SO BAD for my poor horse! She has been through so much.....she has had 2 foals, had moon blindness for years, lost her eye to glaucoma (which required three surgeries and days and days in the hospital), has colicked twice (once just recently), got caught up in a wire fence (also recently) and now she has an injury!

She is such a sweet horse.....so easy to ride, so precious to be around. It just breaks my heart that things seem to keep happening to her. She is 14 years old, so I guess in reality she has been really healthy and has had relatively few problems -- I am aware that it could be MUCH worse. Some horses live with chronic conditions and illnesses (like that poor horse we tried to help Christmas weekend). But she is my horse, and I love her. Anything she goes through that hurts her, hurts me as well.

Just after New Year's Day, I noticed Divna had a cut on her right leg, up high near where the leg meets the body, on the backside of the leg. It did not seem to be bothering her -- she walked normally, and did not mind or even seem to notice that I handled the area. Divna is usually really jumpy and difficult to work with when something is bothering her and/or scaring her. She did not react at all to this, so I put some Furmacin salve on the wound.

After a couple of days, I noticed it was beginning to drain quite a bit....I attempted to bandage it. I tried bandaging every way I could think of, even looking in books for bandaging methods. The bandages just would not stay. My horse reference book said that a cut in that area is one of the most difficult to bandaage, and it is true.

Then, a day or two later the drainage got worse. I could then see more of the cut, and it did not look good -- it looked worse than what I originally realized. I started her on antibiotics and called the vet.

As it turns out, it was worse. It was actually a gash. I have guilt that I did not call the vet immediately. Considering what happened over Christmas weekend with the poor horse we tried to save.....well, I feel horrible. Like the worst horse owner on Earth.

So the vet comes out and assesses the situation. It is a very strange gash with a sort of "pocket" area above the cut (??). He had to suture it and put in a drain tube. He gave her an antibiotic injection, and gave us some more antibiotic pills. He will be back to check her in a week, then hopefully suture removal in another week.

We have had a LOT of snow here, and John said today Divna and Zora were running and jumping and playing in the snow.That coupled with the fact that she has yet to show any sign of favoring that leg, or limping or anything, assuages my guilt somewhat. I check her sutures every morning and evening when I give her the antibiotic, and so far everything looks good in spite of her running and jumping.

The strange thing is, we have absolutely no idea how this happened to her. At first I thought it was the fence incident, but that would have been almost a month ago and the injury doesn't appear that old. The vet said it looks more like she impaled herself on something. All of our fence posts are upright and secure....there is nothing else in the pasture that we can find....so I have no explanation. The vet assistant said it seems that sometimes horses can just "....cut themselves on air....." She also said with the long winter hair it is sometimes difficult to see injuries....

Here is a photo of the injury. Don't look if you are squeemish.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold, Slick, Short Ride

The weekend before the fence incident, we were able to take a ride. We have not ridden since then, which is not good. I hate to go this long between rides. It seems like the beginning of November it has been one thing or another preventing us from riding -- either weather, social obligations, work, or one of us not feeling well.

Actually, that was the first ride in a long time, too. But we had the opportunity to go, so we felt we should take advantage of it. It is not good for Zora to go so long without being ridden. She is a really hot horse anyway, and in a perfect world would be ridden every day to keep her under control. John has to spend a lot of time going around in the pasture to "get her head straight" for the trail.

It was the 18th of December, and about 12 degrees outside.
So we bundled up.

Here I am in my longjohns and wool socks...

In Northwest Indiana in November and December you have to have lots of orange on as it is hunting season. It would be awful to get shot by an overzealous deer hunter!

We were really bundled up for this ride. It had been snowing quite a bit here, and any surfaces that had been gone over with a snowplow were very slick.

You gotta do what you can to stay warm!

I miss riding!!!

It was much too short of a ride. Because of the cold and because it was so slick and we were concerned about Zora possibly falling, we cut it short. Hopefully we will get out again soon!!