Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Riding in the Indiana Dunes

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we took "The Girls" (Zora and Divna) to the Indiana Dunes State Park. We are really fortunate, because the park is so close, and the trails are really nice. It is so easy to just pop over there for a ride -- whether you have all day or only a couple of hours to ride, it is worth the short drive.

It was a perfect day. Warm, but not too warm, and with the leaves turning colors it was really pretty. Some of the low spots in the woods were still filled with water from the recent deluge, and there were red leaves floating on the water. The trails were not too wet, though. We had to go through water one time, and there were a couple of muddy spots, but nothing unmanageable.

Of course, Zora really enjoyed herself, as always. She loves to stretch her legs and get her exercise in. This is all just a politically correct way of saying that she likes to run like a bat out of hell. Divna keeps up with her most of the time, but she is lot more calm. Divna does have her quirks, though. She doesn't like to walk on rocks, or in deep sand. So out at the Dunes, she stays pretty close to the side of the trail where the ground is more firm. I have to keep her in the center of the trail when trees are close to the edge, and on Sunday I was a little too lax in one spot and ended up banging my knee on a tree. Just a bruise, no big deal. But something always happens when you are out on the trail, right? As long as no one ends up in surgery, which happened to us one time, but that is a story for another posting.

Anyone who hasn't tried the trails at the Dunes should plan on it. It is really easy to find -- I would be happy to provide directions. It's a great way to spend some time with your horse.

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