Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday in the Zdravich Barn

It was a typical Sunday at the Zdravich's. We were out cleaning the barn, with Serbian music blasting, and all of us were there: the two horses, Zora & Divna; the two goats, Marco & Misho; the two cats, Simo & Sonya, and of course, the six chickens (all unnamed, except one, Zlata -- they all look just alike, except for her, so names were futile). We had beers, and rakija (Serbian "moonshine") to keep us warm, and we made an event out of it, as always. Spoiling the critters with treats, watching the goats play and bump each other in the head, it was just a great evening! This ritual happens quite frequently on Sundays here, and it always puts the head in a good place to face the work-week ahead. God, I love my life!!!


HorseCrazy said...

Thanks soo much I don't go riding often I just go t a new halter for Penny

John and Regina Zdravich said...

A new halter is a good start....hopefully soon you will be riding more. You will love it!!

HorseCrazy said...

So my full inside input is When I went to a horse sale with my friend, I bought a brand new halter and rope for Penny. This means a lot is becausr all she had was a cheap bungee halter that was really stupid. (This summer I plan to halter train her)

And no I didn't go riding, it must be soo cool to ride whenever you want. If I want to ride i: pay a local stable for an hour, call my friend that lives only a mile away