Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Talented Friend!

I am not very creative, but I have a friend who is, and wanted to acknowledge her with this post. Debby makes the most beautiful, my family is all from the south (North Carolina and Georgia), and I have some quilters in the family, so I know a little something about quilts. In fact, my cousin's sister-in-law, Glenda, made a quilt that Billy Graham bought to give to the Pope!!

But with apologies to Glenda and my late Aunt Mae, Debby's quilts are unique. She uses different fabrics than what you typically find, and her patterns can be a bit eclectic. I am posting some photos of a quilt she gave me. She has a website (on the upper left corner of my page here) and a blog (listed with the blogs I am following, lower left of this page) so you can check out some of her work.

Another cool thing that Debby does is she will make a quilt out of fabrics that people give her. She could make one, for example, out of show clothes that your daughter used to wear at County Fair competitions, or from grandma's old get the idea. In this eco-aware age, she also makes a "green" product -- dry cleaner bags! You can take your clothes to and from the dry cleaner, and not have to deal with those plastic bags they use.

She is just a really cool person - we have been friends for about 20+ years now. She is a bit shy about self-promotion, but I just love her work and wanted to let other people know, in spite of the fact that I made her nervous by posting this!!! So if you are looking for a special gift for someone, take a look at her website.

P.S. Sorry, but she is not a horse person -- but please don't hold that against her!

This last photo was my attempt to show the border and the back side of the quilt, which are also really pretty -- but I am not very adept with the digital camera or photo placement on the blog yet!!!


Desert Rose said...

Your lack of camera skills could not take away from the beauty of that quilt! you have a very talented friend and lucky to have one of her pieces of artwork!!!

terrald said...

Regina, This quilt is absolutely beautiful. Is this Debbie Langle? I probably shouldn't drop a name online, but I didn't see a last name or any contact info. I can't afford to spend cash on quilt right now, but I may know people who could be interested in this. BTW, as long as you are promoting friends, maybe you can check out our band website on myspace ( have a vid of a song we performed at a local club. ttfn luv ya

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Terry -- Yes, it is Debby L (though she is married now, so that is not her name anymore). The contact info is on her website, with photos of more of her quilts. Her web link is at the top left on my blog under "Websites of Interest." I will add Cowboy Up there!!!
P.S. What is "ttfn"??? (You and Leslie with those initial/words!!)

terrald said...

ta ta for now. A way of saying good bye for now (in a silly sort of Cary Grant Audry Hepburn(sp?)way, or something) I pick these crazy things up from Les. I sound like that kid on "Sleepless in Seattle" sometimes, but that apparently doesn't stop me. Any way, TTYL