Monday, April 20, 2009

Bumblefooted Chicken Update

The chicken with Bumblefoot is doing fine, though not as well as I had hoped. As it turns out, I did get John to help me with the "surgery" but that did not net the results I expected. I soaked her foot, sterilized everything, made the incision, but could not get anything to come out of the foot except blood -- lots of it. John was upset that the chicken was bleeding so much, but having been a dental assistant for about a dozen years I expected it. I applied pressure, and soon it clotted and stopped. We had to bandage the foot (after applying anti-bacterial ointment and an antibiotic ointment) and keep her in the barn. Chicken society is very strange -- had she been put back with the other hens with that bandage on her foot, they would have pecked and pecked at it until they tore the bandage off. Chickens are wierd like that -- anything different on one of them gets pecked to pieces. So she stayed in the barn for about 3 days. I think she liked it in there by herself. The others had been pecking at her missing toe, so I think she was happy for the break. We did not want to keep her away from the others for too long a time, because as I said, they have a strange society -- if she was gone too long we were afraid they would see her as a "foreigner" and attack her. We re-introduced her to the brood one evening when they were all in the coop and in their "zoned-out" state that they get into every evening after it gets dark and before they fall asleep.
So she is back with the others, and while her foot is still a little swollen, she is walking on it and doesn't seem to be doing too badly. I wish I could have helped her more, but at least I tried. I'm keeping an eye on her.


Paint Girl said...

I hope your chicken continues to get better! Sounds like quite the procedure!

Desert Rose said...

Ohhhhhh poor baby girl, not only a bum foot, but she has to deal with a bunch of cranky "chicks"!!!

JAN'S PLACE said...

I hope the little chicken is not getting abused by the rest of them! I had a chicken friend in a barn where I kept my horse as a teenager, and she would ride around on my shoulder..she was the one at the bottom of the pecking order.. I guess that is where that saying comes from LOL!

Jan.. I am following you!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Hey Jan! Welcome aboard!! Love your chicken story -- I wish mine would ride on my shoulder. I tried to get one of my cats to ride on the horse with me, but it didn't work out. I will check out your blog, also.