Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breakthrough for Zora - Not for Divna

The weekend before my last bout of bronchitis, we did go to the Indiana Dunes to ride the trails. I have got my chronological order mixed up here on my posts -- this one should have been posted before the last one, but ..... whatever. Anyway, this happened before I got sick.

The last time we trailered The Girls, Divna was having mini freak-out sessions in the trailer. We have never had trailer problems, loading or un-loading problems with our Girls, so we deduced it was because a friend had used our horse trailer to haul some cows. Divna was probably smelling the cows and thought they were going to kill her. It had been suggested we take the trailer to a car wash to get rid of the smell, but of course we did not get to that task.

The last time we were at the Dunes, Zora had an issue with a mud pit at the end of one of the bridges there. It took John what seemed lke 10 minutes to get her to cross that mud pit and get off the bridge.

So we loaded them up, and sure enough, Divna was still smelling those cows. She started dancing around and pushing up against Zora, which just irritated Zora. Once we got moving she was better, but I still don't like the fact that she was jittery back there. I am afraid she is going to hurt herself.

At the Dunes, we could tell it was still pretty wet on the trails. We had been having some rain, and the Dunes area is naturally sort of wet ayway. So we got to "Zora's Bridge" and I am happy to report that after just a bit of coaxing, she conqured that fear and went across the Evil Mud Pit.

So Zora made progress with the bridge, but poor Divna is still having problems with the cows. John had an idea -- when we got home, he put some horse manuer from our pasture in the trailer. The idea being that her own pasture smell may overcome the cow smell. Hopefully that will work.

I still do not have decent photos for this post, because my pictures from the last couple of rides are "trapped" inside a non-working photoshop program.

But here is one of Divna after unloading from the Scary Cow Trailer....

She has on her fancy sparkly eye patch. Too bad it is such a lousy photo!!!


Desert Rose said...

i have "lost" a photo I had worked on and need for a post...frustrating!
Hope the cow smell goes away soon...!

Breathe said...

So funny that cow smell does that! My boy is having significant issues loading. It just seems to have unraveled for some reason.

Hope your photoshop lets loose of the photos soon!