Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Artist

Just a quick post to let everyone see some really cool artwork given to us by friends. This is a sort of layered photo print -- I am sure that is not the official name, but it is what I call it. Our good friends David and Roxane gave this to us. (John did a blog post about David on his blog, titled "Revenge")

The artist is David's nephew (or is it cousin??), and he loves photographing horses. This picture is really unique -- it looks like he layered some interesting landscape photos with one of a horse.

I tried to take a picture of it, and got a bit of reflection from the room lighting. May have been better if I had photographed it during the daytime (natural light), but this is when I had time to do it. I think you can still see it clearly enough.
If not, he has a website (a really cool one, actually) where you can view his work. Here is the link:
Hutch Media Design
Check it out -- I think you will like it!

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Desert Rose said...

Hay that is really cool, think I will go check out his website!