Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Challenging Horse Camping Weekend

With our reservations made at Potato Creek State Park earlier this month, and a favorable weather forecast for the weekend (sunny and temperatures in the 60 degree range), we set off to go camping with The Girls. Here is a summary of what we had to deal with:


  • Our Firewood was confiscated upon our arrival at the park
  • When we arrived at our campsite and got out of the truck, I noticed one of our horse trailer tires was really low on air
  • The pork steaks we cooked for dinner ended up in the camp fire


  • Woke up to find we had a flat tire on the horse trailer -- not the tire that was low, but a different tire
  • We forgot the coffee pot
  • It was really windy, and temperatures in the 50's
  • We bought a Coleman stove for this trip -- could not figure out how to adjust the flame, so it was an absolute inferno that burned everything we tried to cook!
  • I fell asleep on the trail ride
  • Batteries went out on both flashlights
  • Divna got loose in the middle of the night


  • Divna got loose in the very early morning
  • There were some mules on the trail, and Divna freaked out
  • Repaired the low tire McGuyver/McGruber style
Details and photos to follow........


Breathe said...

Yikes! Not exactly an "excellent" adventure, but an adventure none the less...

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

Paint Girl said...

Oh no! That doesn't sound too good. I hope things ended up well though!

terrald said...

Bummer!! Sounds like the camping trip from hell. I bet it felt good to be home again!! BTW I love your web page changes!!

Darlene said...

There were some good moments... What about your friends visiting on Saturday and the nice ride we had together? Lunch wasn't so bad either. Smiles We enjoyed it. Love you guys Dolly and Tom

Desert Rose said...

OH horseshit...hate it when that happens...;)