Sunday, October 24, 2010

Videos and Photos - this time for real!

Tuesday, October 26 note: What a moron!! I started getting this post ready on Sunday while we were visiting a friend in Indy -- we had had a couple of beers and some rakija, and like I moron instead of just saving it as a draft, I posted it and I did not have the video's and photos uploaded... DUH!

My apologies to anyone who read this on Monday or today.......

We were in a campground without shower facilities. We knew ahead of time there would be no showers, so John came up with a solution.... This is our horsetrailer.....


Here are the Allegan County Riders!


John was operating the video camera, so we had to make a separate video for him...


The parks in Michigan require securing the horses with a high line. We never had to do one before, but thankfully Karen knew how....



High tech camper in a primitive campsite!!!!

The last bottle of Giacamo Mori Chianti! Thanks to Tom and Dolly for sharing!

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Callie said...

LMAO! On the "shower" video! Sounds like a good time!