Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold, Slick, Short Ride

The weekend before the fence incident, we were able to take a ride. We have not ridden since then, which is not good. I hate to go this long between rides. It seems like the beginning of November it has been one thing or another preventing us from riding -- either weather, social obligations, work, or one of us not feeling well.

Actually, that was the first ride in a long time, too. But we had the opportunity to go, so we felt we should take advantage of it. It is not good for Zora to go so long without being ridden. She is a really hot horse anyway, and in a perfect world would be ridden every day to keep her under control. John has to spend a lot of time going around in the pasture to "get her head straight" for the trail.

It was the 18th of December, and about 12 degrees outside.
So we bundled up.

Here I am in my longjohns and wool socks...

In Northwest Indiana in November and December you have to have lots of orange on as it is hunting season. It would be awful to get shot by an overzealous deer hunter!

We were really bundled up for this ride. It had been snowing quite a bit here, and any surfaces that had been gone over with a snowplow were very slick.

You gotta do what you can to stay warm!

I miss riding!!!

It was much too short of a ride. Because of the cold and because it was so slick and we were concerned about Zora possibly falling, we cut it short. Hopefully we will get out again soon!!


Paint Girl said...

Looks like a good but cold ride! We have been bundled up here as well, although we don't have as much snow. I haven't ridden in so long, haven't had time, well more like it's dark when I get home from work and it seems to rain on all my days off and with the holidays we weren't even home! Hopefully I will get some riding in soon! I miss my fuzzy horses!

Jeni said...

Way cold here too... no riding for me either. Just remember even a short ride.. is still a ride!

Happy New Year!

Desert Rose said...

ya...not too fun ride on ice! You can always layer up to keep warm. glad you at least got a short ride in~

loveable_homebody said...

I have a feeling you love riding as much as I love walking. Maybe even more. I enjoy learning the details of the process before an adventure. Thanks for taking me on your ride.