Monday, March 21, 2011

1st 2011 Ride at the Indiana Dunes

Now that the snow is gone the Dunes are open to horseback riding again. The trails get turned over to the cross country skiers during the winter months, but now it is spring and it is our turn once more. We made plans to ride on Saturday with friends.

Dee and Paul got there before us (they live closer and got an earlier start, plus we are always late!). They were already out on the trail. We were grooming our horses and saddling up when we got some visitors.

This happens kind of frequently at the Dunes: the parking lot is on a busy US Highway, and people driving by will see us out there and stop and ask if they and/or their children can pet the horses.

Saturday was one of those days. Two women with two little girls stopped to see the horses. One of the little girls is "horse-crazy" according to her mother. Instead of having a doll house with dolls to play with, she has a toy barn and little horse figures to play with. We spent a lot of time talking with them and taking pictures. John even put each girl up on Divna and we took their pictures in the saddle. They were was pretty cool.

Just as we got on the trail, Dee and Paul were coming off. They went back to the lot and groomed their horses, had a snack and hung out until we went through the trails.

We had a great ride. I felt so comfortable in the saddle that day -- some days I just seem to "have it" and keep my seat so well. The ride on Saturday was like that. It was really neat to be back in the Dunes again.

This is my goofy "self-portrait" taken while riding on the trail...I just sort of held the camera out to my side and snapped the picture.

After the ride we all went home and fed our critters and put them away, then met at a little bar/restaurant near where we live for dinner and drinks. A great way to spend the weekend!


Snezana said...

Hi Zdravichs!
It's popadija Snezana from St. Elijah. I love your blog! This post has great photos. I had a feeling it's beautiful where you live, and it seems it's even more beautiful than I thought. I'll just have to be one of those many visitors you receive :)
all the best to you from Merrillville!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Popadija!! So glad to see you on my blog! You will have to come out to our place with Father when he comes to bless the house...

webquilts said...

The pictures look great! See you already received a compliment. :)