Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is Getting Ridiculous!

I just looked back, and my last post was in JUNE!!!! I really miss blogging, and really miss all the blogs I normally used to read! This new schedule of ours has wrecked my "blog-life!" I simply must find a way to get more time on the blogs......
A lot has happened. It has been a lousy summer for riding -- to blasted hot and humid, and WAY too many bugs. But we have managed to get in a few rides, and of course they have each had their own little adventures attached to them. Now let me see if I can remember back over the almost three months since I have updated this site.
One of the neatest things to happen this summer was around the 4th of July weekend. We had absolute monsoon rains. It was like something out of a movie. It was just a deluge for over 24 hours, and everything was flooded. My drive to work was a nightmare in my little car. Fortunately, our home is on a hill, so forutnately and thankfully our house did not flood.
But our property did in some places. So we decided to go check it out with the horses and goats. We were completely surprised by what we found. Check this out...
It was pretty deep, and it just got deeper the farther we went into that particular section of our property.
I was really worried that the goats would freak out and do who-knows-what and cause all kinds of chaos....

.....but as you can see, they handled it well!
It really was a neat experience.

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Jeni said...

Hi Regina - YES I've lost weight, jean size 16 to jean size 4/5 (that should say it all)

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!