Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clearing Trails - New Trails- Winter Hay

Clearing Trails
As I recover from a particularly nasty bout of bronchitis, with a sinus infection thrown in for good measure, I thought I would update my blog on our recent horse-related activities.
About 2-3 weeks ago we had some really strong winds here in Northwest Indiana. We knew that meant the trails in our area and the abandonded railroad line where we ride would be in need of grooming. We were correct.
This is what greeted us at the entrance to the railroad line.......
We had our work cut out for us. We could not decide if it would be better to get thru this mess, or try to blaze a new trail around it. A new trail would require going up an embankment and around. Here is John, checking it out.
It was pretty steep, but we felt our horses could handle it. But with all the rain lately, it was pretty slippery, and since we wanted to ride later that day, we opted for going thru the tangle of trees on the railroad line.
In the end, we cleared enough to get under and around the tree trunks. What's a trail ride without a bit of a challenge on the way? Without that, you have nothing to talk about later around the campfire.
This is negotiable -- we rode this trail later in the day. You can pick your way around and under all this stuff on a good trail horse.
New Trails
Our riding buddy, Dee Dee, has been telling us for ages about some trails in a county park near here. So finally we got it together enough to get out there to ride, and boy was it worth it! I wish we had listened to her a long time ago.
Deep River County Park in Lake County (Hobart/Merrillville) Indiana has some very nice trails. Most people think of Indiana as flat land -- corn country. But the glacier that formed Lake Michigan cut through Northwest Indiana, leaving some irregular terraine (the "Valparaiso Moraine," I believe it is called).
The trails at this park have hills, some ponds, and the river snaking though which provides some fantastic views.
My photographic skills are non-existent, so these pictures do not do it justice.....
It was a great ride, but on this day my bronchitis was becoming full-blown. This is a ride I should not have taken. I paid dearly for it.
And then, we hBoldad to get the last load of our hay for the winter. There was no avoiding this chore....
Winter Hay
It had to be done. The last 70 bales had to be loaded into the loft. So with John doing 90% of the work, we got to it.....
Here is the face of misery.......
My only job was to sit there and hook the bales to the electric hoist. Note the small glass of "medicine" a/k/a rakija.
We got it done. I am hopeful that I will be recovered enough to ride this weekend.
Happy Trails to all.....Enjoy the ride!

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Jeni said...

Feel better soon! The trails look incredible, both what you cleared, and the new place.