Sunday, May 6, 2012


Misho Zdravich passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in the early morning hours of May 1, 2012. He was born in the spring of 2005 in Wanatah Indiana on a goat farm owned by Noah Matuszak's family. He came to live with the Zdravich's in July of 2005 as a companion goat to Marko, who was also born on the same farm, and preceeded him in death in March 2012.
Misho was a very photogenic goat, and always looked like he was smiling. He was half LaMancha and half African Boer goat, which gave him a unique look. He was very playful, and loved Vanilla Wafer cookies. He especially enjoyed taking walks with John and Regina to get the newspapers on the weekends, and through the woods of Otis where he could munch on a variety of plants. He also loved to smell John's cigar smoke, standing on hind legs so John could blow smoke directly into his nose.
He will be greatly missed by his animal family and human caretakers.
He is survived by fellow barnmates; horses, Zora and Divna; cats, Simo and Sonja; hens, Snezana, Milena, Zejlka, Lady Gaga; rooster, Zarko; and human family; John and Regina and their foreign exchange daughters, Lydia (Italy) and Marie (Germany).
Interment took place on May 1 in the barnyard. Due to inclement weather funeral service and pomen was held on Friday, May 5 complete with incense, candles, rakija, and Serbian Orthodox prayers.
Those who knew and loved him are comforted by the fact he has been reunited with Marko, and the two of them are playing and butting heads in the Great Beyond.


Jeni said...

Sorry for the loss of your beloved pet.

Desert Rose said...

A beautiful obituary fo a beautiful goat!

Paint Girl said...

So sorry to hear of Misho's loss. I know how difficult it is and have lost 2 goats and 2 cats in the last couple years. It never gets any easier. They are part of the family.
What a wonderful tribute to your beloved friend. You all will be in my thoughts!

Shirley said...

Sorry to read that you have lost 2 of your beloved goats. It's always sad when our critters leave us.