Monday, July 2, 2012

Mystery Solved

The mystery has been solved! We now know who Marko inspired to make a donation to an animal shelter. Turns out it was our cyber-world friend, Debb, who lives near my brother in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. I say cyber-world friend because we have not actually met in person yet. My brother introduced us by e-mail because we both have horses. She and a friend of hers generously offered to board our horses if we want to bring them up for some riding. We had plans to do so  last summer, but John got a temporary job, so we were unable to make the trip. "The Girls" are getting a Coggins test today, so hopefully we will be able to make that trip sooner than later.

The shelter she chose to donate to is located near her sister's home near the IN/KY border. Her sister lost her dog around the same time we lost Marko -- that inspired Debb to donate to the shelter. She said that shelter is struggling and can use the help.

Debb was so sweet to make the donation in Marko's name. It makes me feel good that some animals will benefit from his memory. It is so much appreciated.....

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Paint Girl said...

That is so sweet that Debb did that for you guys and Marko!! There are still good people out there!!