Saturday, September 8, 2012

Divna and I are Published!

My brother got me a subscription to Horse Illustrated for my birthday last year. One month they ran an article about Moon Blindness. This is a subject that hits close to home, because my Tennessee Walking Horse mare, Divna, lost her right eye to Moon Blindness about 4 1/2 years ago. She started out with an injury to her eyelid, which caused her to develop Moon Blindness, which in turn progressed to glaucoma and she lost the eye. The story of her struggle with all of this was one of my first posts when I started this blog. We (meaning Divna, John and I) all went through a lot trying to save her eye. She had 3 surgeries at Purdue's Large Animal Hospital at the Lafayette campus, and countless visits to the equestrian opthalmologist team there. They were fabulous, and I believe she got the best care possible.

So I read the article in the May 2012 issue, and decided to write to the magazine (e-mail) with our story. They published it in their August issue. Here it is.


I don't know if it is readable or not, but if I had it to do over, I would have written it differently. John is the writer in the family, and he said you should never submit something until you let it "sit" for a day or so, re-read it and edit as needed. Well, I did not do that. I just typed it up, attached the photo and sent it. If I ever decide to write the the magazinen again, I will do it differently.


Paint Girl said...

I wish I still subscribed to HI. Will have to look the article up. I am on my phone now so I can't read it right now.
But that is fantastic that they published your story! I am definitely not a writer so I have never submitted anything to a magazine.

Jeni said...

Awesome !!!

terry grishka said...

you did a great job! never under estimate what you can do! John and You are the "DOOLITTLE'S" of Otis!
Glad to know ya, my friend!

Simply Marvelous said...

Terrific that your personal story was published. It will be helpful to many people, especially since it was your horse and your experiences. Will check out the magazine.