Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Snow Ride of Winter 2012-2013

The last Saturday of 2012 was beautiful. We finally had our first snow that actually covered the ground here in Northwest Indiana. Temperatures were in the mid 20's, and they sky was clear. It was perfect weather for a ride, so off we went. To make it even nicer, a gentle snow started falling as we were saddling up.

We took the trails near our house, but in the snow they looked somehow different.

The horses love the snow, and it is a good thing they do. Because once on the trail, it started snowing harder. "The Girls" handled everything just fine, as always. They are such great trail horses.

We got to the point on the abandoned railroad line where a sort of wall of dirt is piled up. It is about 3 feet high, and very narrow which means it is really steep. "The Girls" go over it just fine -- I remember the first few times we approached that all of dirt they had a tough time and some nervous moments figuring out how to deal with it. But just like they learned to go through water, to face and conquor that fear, they learned to face and conquor this one, too. Up and over we went.

Which was fantastic, until we turned back to head home. The snow was coming down even harder, and it was actually stinging our faces. Going over that wall of dirt was not as easy -- it now had a slick, wet, sort of icy coating. Divna took the little hill with a bit too much enthusiasm. Going up was fine, coming down the other side she lost her footing. she went down on her knees and belly, sliding like a tobaggon -- I almost came off her, but managed to regain my balance, and then as suddenly as she went down, she was up on her feet again. It was quite the ride! I dismounted to check her for injury, and thankfully found nothing. We continued on the trail for home.

It was an exhilirating First Snow Ride of this winter....hopefully we will have many more.

Keep Riding!

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The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place said...

You are so much braver then me! The cold just gets to me so much more now, or maybe I am just making an excuse to stay in the warm house!!!

Always good to see you come by my blog,