Monday, November 17, 2008

Something Different

We waited too long to order our hay for the winter. Our regular supplier did not have any left by the time we called. That poses a real problem, because it seems it is tough to find people with hay anymore -- especially someone with affordable hay. So we started calling all the other contacts we had, and were not having much luck. It was beginning to feel like a crisis. A friend at work suggested I call the office for the County Fair. A great idea! I called the fair office and the county extension office and got some additional names for our list. From those names, we found someone who was not too far away, and had hay left. Perfect. We orderd 150 bales -- picked up 75 on Saturday, and will pick up the remaining 75 next Saturday, weather permitting.

A really exciting way to spend a Saturday night is hoisting 75 bales of hay up into a barn and stacking them!!!

So on Sunday, we decided to do something different. It was a bit chilly outside, and a light snow was falling -- the first snow we have seen this season. We were going to go check out the paths thru the woods to see if we needed to do any clearing before our next ride. As we walked off, Zora came to the fence and called out -- a high pitched whinny. We could tell she wanted to go with us. She must have been tired of being in the pasture. So we went back and haltered her and Divna for a walk. Then feeling guilty about leaving the goats alone we decided, "What the heck" and took them as well. I really wish I had taken the time to go and get my camera. We must have been a sight, the six of us walking through the woods with a gentle snow falling!

As always, anytime we are with the animals it is interesting. Nothing is ever routine. Even if you ride the same trails time after time, something unique always happens. This walk was no different. The goats were excited, and a little afraid, which makes them walk very close to you for protection. That is code for "constantly underfoot." The horses were jazzed up -- the cool weather, the snow, they love that stuff. Had we been riding it would have been a wild time. So leading them was a challenge. But I think they all enjoyed it, and John and I got some exercise, and the neighbors must have had a laugh at the sight of us!

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