Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Coat for Marco

It is really cold here in LaPorte County Indiana right now. Our winter has come on early and strong. Our poor little LaMancha goat, Marco, is really not suited for this weather. Misho, the African Boar goat, is really furry and fat, so he is OK. But Marco has thinner hair, and not as much body fat, so he has more trouble when the temps drop. We have felt sorry for him, as he literally shivers in the cold, so we bought a dog coat for him the first winter he was with us. The dog coat doesn't really work for him anymore -- he has outgrown it, plus it keeps coming off. The velcro closures are not "goat proof" and using pins did not work either. So last week we bought him a sheep blanket, and it is just what he needed. I think he looks rather handsome in it!

When the temperatures fall below 15F, we put everyone in for the night. Marco stays in the stall with Divna, and Misho bunks with Zora. They sort of partnered themselves up like this -- at mealtimes when we feed them in the stalls, this is how they pair up, so we do the same for the sleeping arrangements. Marco and Divna seem to be buddies -- they hang out together in the pasture, and seem to like being around each other.

I am posting a photo of Marco in his coat......The things we do for our animals! But they are worth it, aren't they?

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