Friday, December 26, 2008

Ice Capades

We have been hit with just about everything in Northwest Indiana this Christmas week -- snow, rain, sleet, and ice. The temperatures have ranged from around zero to in the 30's. As a result, the outdoors is like one huge ice skating rink! You could train for the Winter Olympics or the Chicago Blackhawks out there! We were hoping to get some riding in during this long holiday weekend, but it is too dangerous. We don't want to chance one of "the girls" falling and injuring herself. And, Zora has a history of not being the most sure-footed animal around! In fact, all of our animals were having a problem this morning. When I let the chickens out, they slipped and slid their way down the coop ramp. Sonya (the female cat), ever the Princess, stayed on the deck, watching everyone else trying to negotiate the ice, waiting for someone to open the door so she could come back inside and lay on a pillow. Simo (our male cat) looked so funny running around and having his legs slip out from under him! Even the goats had a problem, and they are the climbers who generally can walk on anything. We live down a long gravel road that we call "the lane." On the weekends and days off, we take the almost 1/4 mile walk down the lane and out to the main paved road near our house to get the newspapers and mail. The goats love to take that walk with us, so we bring them along. Today they were stepping very carefully on the small hills of the lane, and had their moments of slipping around. It was quite the adventure, but we got the newspapers and mail without any of the four of us falling. If you could see our situation, you could appreciate what an accomplishment that was! We are hoping for warmer temperatures and a thaw so we can ride this weekend.......

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