Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

We welcomed he new year in the best way possible -- with a trail ride. The ice was gone, there was just a dusting of snow, and it was January 1, 2009, so we took "The Girls" out on the trails in Otis. As always, it was great just being outside, riding, and taking in all of what winter in Northwest Indiana has to offer. We rode through the same trails we have ridden so many times in the past, but as always, every ride is different. Same trail -- Different ride. Zora and Divna were anxious to get out of the pasture. The weather and holiday social schedules kept us from riding very much these past 3 weeks or so. We could tell from the moment we went out to halter them that they were on the same page as us. Usually, the haltering process is sort of a dance -- the horses run around, jumping, kicking and playing. Then they finally settle down and allow us to halter them and take them into the barn for tacking up. Not this time! They both stood still, welcoming the haltering, wanting to be on the trail again. We rode some of the old, familiar trail, and also deviated a bit.....we went around the new apartments being built near Purdue North Central. It was a great combination of old and new; familiar and unexplored......we could tell The Girls loved it, too. I cannot think of a better way to begin a new year.

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