Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Winter Riders!!

On Sunday we bundled up and went out for a ride. Here we are looking more like bandits than horseback riders! We could not get any of our usual riding buddies to go with us (wimps!!) so we just rode the trails near our house and the abandoned railroad line. The Girls were really glad to be out of their pasture. Divna was such a beautiful sight when I went out to halter them for tacking -- she came running from the far end of the pasture and the fresh, white, fluffy snow became clouds around her front hooves and legs. It was something to see....

I love winter riding. To me, it is better than summer. In the summer it is too hot -- too hard on the horses, too many bugs, too much overgrowth along the sides of the trail, the branches hang too low with the weight of the leaves. In the winter, the horses seem more comfortable. And dressed properly, it is more comfortable for me, too.

On this ride, our dark horses stood out beautifully against the white snow. We saw deer, and the fading daylight pastels with the bare, snow flecked trees made for a visually gorgeous ride.

On Sunday, however, we probably pushed our luck. It was a bit too cold yet for two people who had recently been sick. We left too late in the day, and it was too dark by the time we got home. But it was great to be out on the trail again, and as they say, "all is well that ends well," and though a bit chilled, it was still a good ride.


HorseCrazy said...

Thanks for the advice on my blog!

I guess the only reason I didn't think I was normal was because I was not attached to mp3's and ipod's and my phone.

Ithought that because I'm in to poetry,sketching, country music and good grades.

But I didn't realize that I am awesome.

Callie said...

Very brave of you, too damned cold for me! Love the decorative eyepatch for her!