Monday, May 4, 2009

Bizarro Ride

The "Bizarro World" is a place where everything happens in the opposite. For example, usually when we take a horseback ride, it goes something like this: Wrestle with the goats for at least 5 minutes to get them into a stall and out of our way so we can saddle the horses in peace; go out to halter The Girls, watch them evade getting haltered by running around like lunatics -- jumping, kicking, the whole display -- this takes at least another 5 minutes; finally get them in the tack area, get to the trail and Zora takes off like she is the favorite in the Kentucky Derby. So on Saturday I was prepared to capture it all to post on my blog here. I had the new camera (I broke our other one last weekend) set to "video" and was good to go.
First off, I went into the pasture, opened a stall door, and both goats just walked in!! Beyond shocking!!! Then, I got the halters and lead ropes, walked back out into the pasture, John showed up right behind me. Both horses were just standing there, patient as can be, and allowed me to walk right up to them -- I put the halter on Divna, and she did not even flinch. John decided not to bother haltering Zora...we walked back towards the barn, and Zora followed. She walked into the tack area and stood at the spot where she is normally saddled. Too strange!!!
We got them saddled, and then onto the trail, and this is the really wierd part, Zora actually walked.....she walked most of the time during this entire trail ride.
I think we were visited by some sort of alien force that altered our reality for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon.
And I thought I would have some pretty interesting video to post today............................


Paint Girl said...

Ha Ha! This so sounds like me, trying to wrestle the goats just to get the horses out of the pasture is common around our farm! Goats do not leave you in peace, they get into everything! They are always pulling brushes, hoofpicks, rags out of my grooming bag. I can't brush the horses in their pasture anymore!
Of course the day you have your camera out, they act like perfect angels! Funny, how that works huh?

Desert Rose said...

just we you think you can expect a certain behavior an animal will do the exact oppisite!