Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Crazy Ride

Well, we took a ride finally on Sunday. Here is the view from the bridge that goes over the Indiana Toll Road. I tried to get a shot of John and Zora on the bridge, but the girls were having no part of sitting still on that bridge while traffic raced by beneath them. The fence never used to be on top of the barrier like this -- we had a friend we used to ride with who was always afraid his horse would jump over the barrier onto the Toll Road and kill the both of them. Then they put up the fence, and his mind was finally at ease. We rode the section of the trail that we cleared, but did not bother to go all the way to the last section where the new landowners are promising to block it off. Though we did run into a guy riding alone, (on a very handsome Paso Fino with a positively beautiful gait) who said he had ridden all the way north on the trail from the County Park. He said he had to go around a bunch of stuff in the way at one point, but he made it. We still did not go all the way to that section -- just too depressing.
What made this ride so crazy was that The Girls were just so fired up! I guess they had not been out in about a week or so, and they just wanted to have fun. Keeping them under control, even Divna, was not easy. At one point where we know the terraine, we let them go....I swear, Divna was flat-out....It was AMAZING!!
When we got home, we gave them both a long overdue shower. I don't think they even noticed, because the grass was so tasty!


Tracey said...

Heck, standing still? I wouldn't have wanted to cross that bridge, not even on foot, let alone horseback. Standing still would be out of the question, lol! I think your horses did great just to set foot up there.

Callie said...

Yikes on that bridge! I know the Indiana toll road!Yikes! It sounds like fun, anyway!

Paint Girl said...

I wouldn't have crossed that bridge, even with the fence up! When we cross our high wooden bridges over the streams on our trails, always makes me nervous. There is one bridge that the ducks like to hang out down below in the water and once we are in the middle of the bridge, the ducks spook and fly off. Brandy will jump up and sideways, I always see my life flash before my eyes! It is very scary.
Sounds like a good ride, the horses had a lot of energy and seeing a beautiful Paso Fino! Cool!

Desert Rose said...

Ya...bridges can be scary sometimes when the is traffic below, or a bike path next to it or it is is 20 times longer than you though it was gonna be and then in the middle there is a swarm of red bugs biting at the horses! It was an old railroad tressle bridge that had been made into a hiker/bike path. We then had to cross it going back and had the same thing happen. Jesse is really easy going but not with these bugs swarming and biting. I too saw him jumping over this EXTREMELY tall bridge. At the very end...I see the trail below where horses were supose to go beaneth the tressle bridge!!! &(*%$@#%!!!
These are the times that could have gone sooooo wrong, I sometimes think I must have a complex or something that I will just go down, over, around or under anything!!! Sorry about your trail closure, we had someone yell at us too last week!

cdncowgirl said...

Barrel racing & gaited horses...
A girl I used to work with had a Peruvian Paso and barrel raced with him. If I remember correctly she did pretty well.
I think there is a lot of bias toward anything other than a Quarter Horse. I know a lot of girls that won't even consider an Appy or Paint and they're stock breeds too (and lets face it very similar to QH)
IMO any horse that can run, collect and start & stop quick has a shot. Your gaited horses may not be rodeo horses but I'm sure you'd have a heck of a lot of fun at playdays or in a club :)