Friday, September 4, 2009

New Reins

I got some new reins the other day....some real cheapo's from the Big R store that just opened in Michigan City. The reins I have been using for the past 9 years that we have owned horses were actually English reins. I just cannot use the Western-style split reins. They never feel right to me -- they are too long, and they are always too slack.....I just cannot control them. I also have a fear of dropping one while riding and having a real situation on my hands (or out of my hands, as the case would be!).

So here is a photo of the new reins on their "maiden voyage." They are actually roping reins, they are cheap (like I said before -- $20!!), and they do not match the rest of my tack, and I really like them!!!
It's a holdiay weekend, and we plan to do a lot of riding. We got the trails near out house shaped up, and some friends are going to come out with their horses and join us tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun. The weather is going to be perfect, and we have food to throw on the grill after the ride!


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

good riding blessings sent your way! Those reins are perfect for trail riding...

Paint Girl said...

I like looped reins for trail riding too! That is the last thing I want to happen, dropping the reins, while on a trail ride!
Hope you have an excellent weekend, full good horsey rides!

JeniQ said...

Awww who cares if they match... they are safe, fit your needs, and fit your hands nice right? More so you had no worries about dropping reins.

I too have roping reins on my western bridles, I switched from split reins to roping after trail riding with a friend on his QH. Use cotton roping reins and my hands felt WONDERFUL!

Desert Rose said...'s not fun when in a lope reaching down for the "one" that got away!!!
Enjoy your new reins!!!

manker said...

we MUST be cut of the same cloth :) I use closed reins too... i'm always fumpfering around with split reins

fortunately my DH's a leatherworker so that helps in the tack dept!!!

happy trails