Friday, July 9, 2010

Chinese ???

Is anyone else out there getting comments in Chinese?? I have been afraid to click on the link to the person who posted the comment -- I did one time and it looks like a prostitution site for Asian women....not sure what is going on here. Could it be a virus type thing??? Does anyone know what this is all about?


Breathe said...

I get them all the time. I have one post titled "Bust in Denison" which is about going to see a horse to buy that didn't work out.

That post gets ton of chinese. Someone told me these link to asian porn sites. Which is why I approve all comments now. Between the chinese (or whatever language it is) and the links to weird sites, I figure it's better to have a delay posting comments. :)

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Breathe -- I am glad to hear it is not just me....maybe I should switch to comment approval....What a shame that there is sex trafficking in the world!