Sunday, July 25, 2010

Too Hot and Too Buggy to Ride

I looked at the date on my last post and was amazed at how much time has gone by!! It has been just too blasted hot and the bugs are too bad these days for riding. But I do have some catching up to do here, so here goes.
Don't ever wear a white T-Shirt for riding. This is how I looked on our last ride before we ever got The Girls loaded into the trailer!!!

We did ride earlier this month (or was it late last month??) with our friends Paul and DeeDee. Paul just got a Tennessee Walking Horse, so now he has a gaited horse like the rest of us (his wife DeeDee has a Rocky Mountain). We all met at the Dunes and rode those trails. It was a really nice ride -- the 4 of us actually rode together, now that we are all gaited. Paul's horse is just so handsome -- really tall and nice looking. DeeDee is in training for the Michigan Shore-to-Shore ride. I believe she has done this ride before, at least part of it, and she says it is really a nice ride. It goes across Michigan at the point where Lake Erie (I believe -- I can't find my map to check it right now) is on the east, and Lake Michigan on the west. It takes a few days to do and they camp out, etc. She keeps trying to get John and I to do it, but the time factor is a problem. I don't have a lot of vacation time, and with other constraints it is just not really doable for us. But I am impressed that she can do it, and we look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the pictures once she gets back. Here's Paul and DeeDee on their horses at the Dunes.

John finally got rid of the truck we had and got one that has a bigger engine. Now hauling the horses is much easier. The other truck had a mechanical problem (again!) and that was the final straw. He is really happy with the is new truck, and is kicking himself for not doing this a long time ago. Here is a picture of his new ride...Pretty cool, huh??

On a really sad note -- a woman that we have ridden with in the past, and one that DeeDee has ridden with quite a bit lost her husband to a freak accident recently. He was cutting a tree and it fell on him. So horrible. I did a post with pictures of her and her horse last fall -- she has a Tennessee Walking Horse, too, and we rode at Bluhm County together. It was the day we had about 7 riders out here at our house. We are so sad for her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers....