Friday, February 24, 2012

Prayers for Marko

Our goat, Marko, is really sick right now. From what we can tell, it is a neurological problem most likely brought on by a Thiamin deficiency.

It is a long story -- he had an ear infection recently, that I thought I had gotten under control. I checked online, have talked with people at a goat organization of some kind, and the vet. We have been treating him with vitamin B1 and ear infection medicine. I have also been giving him water with electrolytes and vitams, and also yogurt.

Today we get injectible vitamin B, penicillin, and cortisone. I hope it is not too late. So far he is hanging in there, but I am really worried.

He is our trouble-maker goat. So many times I just look at him and say, "Marko, you are an ass!" I wish he was feeling well enough to make trouble now.

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Desert Rose said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh poor Marco! I feed Pupperoni yogert for her tummy issues and it helps!!! God Bless...