Monday, April 6, 2015

It's a Long Way Down!

Last Saturday John was going to work Zora in the round pen. It's part of her rehab from EPM, and also necessary because even though she is almost 17 years old she still needs training. She is the most strong willed horse I have ever met.

Anyway, since they were going to be in the round pen I figured ti would be a good time to do some bareback riding on Divna. She's a great horse for bareback riding. She has a wide, flat back and she is even-tempered enough to not do anything crazy. 

Did I mention I had a couple of beers?

So we are riding along, I am feeling pretty confident. I'm staying on her, I'm completely connected with my horse, she loves me, I love her. Let's pick up the pace a bit.

So we are going along at a gentle lope -- nothing too fast. But I'm staying on and feeling secure.

We have a small jump set up out in the pasture. About a foot high. So here's my brilliant idea: "Let's jump!"

You know that moment when you feel you are coming off the horse but you think you can still pull it all back together and save yourself from the fall? I had that moment.

You know that moment when you are so far out of the saddle that you know you are going to come off altogether? That was my next moment.

Then I am in the air, going over her head - in front of her - and it is amazing how slowly time seems to pass. You seem to have time for all kinds of thoughts. My main thought was "Oh no....she is going to run me over!"

Then I'm on the ground....Divna had stopped. This is what I see:


(photo courtesy of my dear friend Pam M.)
The wind was knocked out of me, I was feeling super-stupid, and Divna is just standing there looking at me!
So my left side is a bit jacked-up, especially my ribs. I think I bruised them pretty good. To make it worse, I had been sick for a few weeks, so I'm doing a lot of coughing and sneezing which is just torture when you have messed up ribs.
I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon................

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