Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amazing Zora!

Something really incredible happened yesterday...I still can't believe it!

We went to The Dunes to ride the trails. In the parking lot we ran into a horse riding guy we know. A friend of ours was injured pretty badly about two weeks ago in a freak accident on one of the bridges on the trails. This man's wife was injured a couple of years ago, also in an incident on one of the bridges. He was there when our friend was hurt and was telling us about the accident.

We were talking about how dangerous the bridges can be, especially if it is rainy or icy. He told us he will avoid the one long bridge by taking the little "side path" just before the bridge that leads to the street. Then he just walks down the street a bit and jumps back on the horse trail up ahead. 

John and i both said "what little side path?" -- We had never seen it or noticed it or anything. 

So we leave and get on the trail and I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING HOLY at the point before that long bridge ZORA TOOK THE LITTLE SIDE PATH!!! She has NEVER done that -- we never took that path in the past, John did not cue her to turn, we never even knew it was there! 

I believe she HEARD him talking about it, and decided to take it!!!! Freaked me out!!!

Zora is AMAZING!

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Unknown said...

She is AWESOME !!