Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Equine Artist

Here in Northwest Indiana there is a woman who loves to do pencil drawings of people and their horses. She is a retired Realtor (coincidence!) who draws these pictures from photographs she sees of people with their horses. Years ago she had done a picture of our friend Dee from a photo of her and her horse that was in the newspaper (I forget what they had done to get in the newspaper -- it was something good though, not a crime or anything like that).

Dee showed her a photo of me with Divna, and she made a drawing. Here they are, side-by-side, the photo and the drawing.

The photo is one taken before Divna lost her eye. We used to use it in advertising for our real estate business. Divna's ears are cut off, which is really too bad, because I like the picture. She was gracious enough to put Divna's ears back in for the drawing.
Recently, she saw an ad in a real estate magazine with John and Zora's picture. She drew John and Zora, and called to tell him that she had drawn his picture. She did not know that we are friends of Dee's, and that she had drawn a picture of Divna and me a while back. Strange coincidence. She was pretty surprised. So here is a side-by-side of John and Zora -- photo and drawing.
(Sorry, I am not real good at positioning the photos on the blog........)
She always puts the drawings in a black frame. She says she is good at drawing horses, but not so good at drawing people's faces. I think her drawings have an unexplainable charm; even the way she draws the people is interesting to me.
We really like these drawings. John took Dee and the artist to lunch as a thank you....

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Desert Rose said...

How fun for you to have these drawings of the 2 of you and your horses! Agreat treasure!!!