Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grooming Session - Smoking Goat

We did not ride this weekend. After the last ride, we felt it would be best for John to let his shoulder heal up a bit more before we got back on the trail. With this being the shedding season, we decided to do some grooming instead.

What a mess! The Girls are losing enough hair to make another animal. They have been rolling around in the mud, and have all manner of straw, sticks, and leaves in their tails. It was quite the job getting them cleaned up, but we finally did. And then as soon as we let them out, Divna promptly rolled again!! After getting all spruced up, Zora tried on John's hat!

We tacked the task of trimming goat hooves, and attempted to curry them as they are shedding as well. Of course we cannot do this without proper "fortification" (beer, rakija, and a cigar for John).We discovered that they absolutely love John's cigars! Especially Misho....

John also took the time to write a new post for his blog -- check it out at www.theotisrules.blogspot.com It really is funny, and you have to have a sense of humor when reading his posts and not take them personally.....
READER WARNING: Those who are easily offended by adult "blue" language read with caution!!
(It is pretty strange given the subject matter of this blog -- he posted it a few days ago, and then yesterday his mother fell and broke her hip!)


JeniQ said...

Boy do I understand "Shedding Season" !!!

Zora looks adorable with John's hat on.. and the goats look evil LOL

Glad all is healing up well. I read John's blog and giggled and even belly laughed!

Have an awesome day!

Desert Rose said...

ya...my kids got a good de-shedding a few days ago too! Sorry about John's mother...I wish her speedy recovery!!!